lunes, 25 de enero de 2021

Safe Sex

Safe sex, is one of the most used expressions in the wake of the AIDS epidemic and simply means practicing sexual activity without risk of contracting the disease. Without having to go so far, we realize how equivocal the expression is. A study by sweext has concluded that sex is never completely safe, and I am not referring only to its material aspects, but to the emotional investment that goes with it. Only in a sex devalued to pure physical activity, can one speak of safe sex.

But we are going to leave these considerations, which can bore more than one, or one, to focus on the urgent: an AIDS virus is on the loose that kills, and it is urgent to protect against it. Since one of the most common ways to acquire it is sexual, it is convenient to act as safe as possible. What is safe sex? In general terms, all homosexual or heterosexual activity in which, I repeat, there is no exchange of any type of fluids between the participants in the act. Reflect on it, activate your imagination, and you will have a list of the ways this can be accomplished.

At the top of it will appear • the very old remedy of condoms, which perished in the junk chest and turns out to be more fashionable than ever, as people are not resigned to being sexually inactive.

With which we come to the second question, which also brings them to you: who of the sexual partner should take the initiative, always embarrassing, to practice safe sex? Ideally, both together, but since it seems that such a happy conjunction does not occur frequently, experts advise women to be the ones to take this initiative and even impose it, among other things because men show a certain reluctance to practice, despite the high stakes.

Most of the advertisements for condoms, both televised and in magazines, are directed at them, and statistics show that 70 percent of all condoms sold in the United States today are bought by women.

But that's just the easiest part of the deal, although everyone who's ever bought those gummies knows it's not easy at all. But it's nothing compared to the moment of truth: getting someone to put them on. "It is not the same as saying to a man that he is better with a hat," a reader of "Vogue" magazine recently complained. Besides that there are quite a few men who don't like to wear hats or anything. What to do in those circumstances? As you understand, there are no rules, as it depends on the multiple circumstances that regulate the relationships between two people and the particular psychology of each of them. Apart from the degree of trust, affection, attraction and other factors operating at all times, impossible to foresee in advance.

But there is no doubt that it represents another burden and another responsibility that falls on women. As if that were not enough that conception brings with it, physically, economically and morally, women now have to prevent the spread of the terrible disease among the heterosexual population. Something that has seemed too much to some feminists, who demand, at the very least, that the advertising of condoms be equally directed to men, if only as a way to remind them of their responsibilities in such an important matter.

But they better not trust us too much. Throughout I do not know how many millions of years, we have proven to be less brave and more irresponsible than they

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